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Common Subjects:

  • How can I reach my CMS?

    In your browser address-bar, after your subdomain-url, type: /cms
  • I got spam on my Contact-Form

    To prevent spam you need to secure your contact-form. With ReCPTCHA (Google) you can secure this:
    1. Log in with your Google-account.
    2. Choose: reCAPTCHA type: v2 Invisible
    3. Add this domain (use your own subdomain-name):
    4. Open your CMS in another browser tab/window and go to Forms / contact  and then the button Form Settings
    5. Copy and paste the Site Key and Secret Key to your CMS and save this page.
    6. In your CMS / Forms, click on the Edit Form Layout and add the [recaptcha] tag above the submit-tag. Save this page.
  • Can I remove content that's already in a template?

    - Yes, go to the Page or the Layout in your CMS.
    - Search for the Row or Column you don't need.
    - Click on the pencil-icon and in the popup, click Remove Row / Column
  • How do I remove an Album?

    - First, remove all Items (photos) in an album.
    - After that you can remove the album itself.
    For safety purposes you can't remove an album with existing Items in it.
  • Can I upload more than one image at the time?

    No. Every image is a separate upload. In this way you are probably more motivated to give a useful name and clear description to every image. Clear image-tagging is very helpful for search-engines and SEO. So, better search results for your website. Other reason is to help speak-computers 'visualize' your website-content much better.
  • What can I do with the Pages-management?

    - Create pages
    - Name page-title and page-url(slug)
    - Publish or hide a page
    - Switch between different page-revisions
    - Connect a page to a layout-design
    - Fill a page with different modules (text, media, articles)
    - When making a new page: Choose if the page will appear in the navigation/menu.
  • What can I do with the Articles & News-management?

    - Create articles and news-items
    - Create Article-directories, to categorize your articles
    - Adapt the date of each article. This will influence their order-position.
    - Make articles with a Title, a Lead (summary), a Description and an Article-Image.
    - Articles can appear on pages or in Layouts, on different ways of your choice 
  • What can I do with the Media-management?

    - Create Media-directories, to arrange your media in categories
    - Upload media as items. Note: for SEO purposes, you can only upload one media-item at the time. Give them a proper name and description. This helps by finding your website much better, online.
    - Name media-title and description (if the title-field stays empty, the system uses the file-name as title)
    - Drag and drop media-items. This will influence their order-position.
    - Media-titles and descriptions are used for search engine optimization (SEO) and accessibility purposes. For that reason we let you only upload one image at a time. Naming titles and describing the image is very important for Search engines and accessibility. So the best for a successful website.
    - Media-items can appear on pages or in Layouts, on different ways of your choice
  • What can I do with the Layouts-management?

  • What can I do with the Navigation-management?

  • What can I do with the Forms-management?

  • What can I do with the Webshop-management?


Free TRIAL (first 30 days)
(full website/webshop access)
Not included:
Domainame + Email + Help
Official Hosted Subdomain +
€ 16,- / month
incl. 21% VAT/BTW
excl. 21% = € 13,22
Official Hosted Subdomain +
Domainname + Email Secure
€ 19,- / month
incl. 21% VAT/BTW
excl. 21% = € 15,70
Official Hosted Subdomain +
Domainname + Email Secure +
Webshop Pro
€ 37,- / month
incl. 21% VAT/BTW
excl. 21% = € 30,58
  • How I will end my domain and stop the monthly payment?

    Send a request to delete your domain and terminate payed services. We will end your domain within 7 days and stop sending invoices per next month.
    NOTE: we are not responsible for loss of data after ending of our service. After deleting your domain, your data is gone, in accordance with the privacy-law. Provide your own copy of all the data on your website!
  • What is fair use policy?

    Every website gets a different amount of traffic. Some uses less, some uses more. Mostly they keep each other balanced. If a domain uses more than 10GB traffic a month, we look if it's an incident for one month. If it is, we don't charge this. If it stays in overuse more than one month, we charge you € 8,- / month incl. 21% VAT/BTW per 10GB.

Domain subjects:

  • Can I use my own domainname and e-mail address?

    Yes, you can order the 'Domainname + E-mail Secure' upgrade to connect a domainname and email-address.
  • Is my site secure?

    Yes, your (sub)Domain is protected with a standard SSL-certificate (https). Besides that, you are responsible to choose a safe password yourself for the CMS-login. In the back end the website is hosted bij a ISO-certificated hosting company. If you connect your own Domainname + E-mail Secure, you get your own SSL-certficate. All e-mail on this domain is then protected by our spamfilter.
  • What do you do with the data on my domain?

    We DO NOT provide your data to others. Although, you can make use of Google Analytics, within the Terms of Service provided by Google Inc. After deleting your website, because of end of services, we do not store your deleted data in accordance to the privacy law.
  • Do you keep a backup of my website data?

    We only provide a system-backup in case of site-wide problems. We DO NOT provide specific subdomain-backups. So you need to make your own backup of your content.
  • How long does it take to pull my upgrade-requests or adding services to my existing domain?

    We try to handle this the same day, but we can not always guarantee that. If you ordered an own Domainname, we need a maximum of 3 work days to arrange this. With deleting domains/services we build in some safe decision time. Mostly a couple of days.

Design & Layout

  • My logo is to big or to small. What can I do?

    First of all, you can resize your logo yourself with this free online tool. In the beginning you have to try a little bit to get the best size.
    Secondly, in the provided Layout Template, you can play with the Bootstrap col-class, from the column your logo is placed in. For instance, if your logo is in a col-2 and it's to big, you change it in col-1. Your logo will be smaller, then.

  • How the Bootstrap Grid works?

    Learn Bootstrap Grid yourself become a professional web-designer!

    For example:

    If you need 3 columns on tablet and desktop like this:

    And one on mobile devices like this:

    Then you put the following in your CMS pages layout:

    The 'sm' in this Bootstrap-class stands for: from small devices and higher.
    This example means: Get almost in full width on small devices (mobile phones). If wider, be 4 wide. In total you have 3 cols of 4 = 12 cols on wider screens, then.

    Besides 'sm', you can use 'md' (tablet and higher) and 'lg' or 'lx' (laptop or desktop and higher). So, for every screen-size you can decide how many cols can be near each other.

    See also the column examples in your own CMS (/layout-examples).

  • Besides Bootstrap-classes, you can use the following handy classes to style your layout:

    hide date in articles/news
    hide readmore-button in articles/news
    hide all labels in a form
    hide all lead-text put in media-modules
    hide next-previous-buttons in slideshow
    hide gradient overlay effect on articles
    makes horizontal tabs vertical
    makes horizontal navbar vertical
    draws blocks around menu-links
    show article/news/collection cards in equal height (ordered from left to right)
    count-1 (till 4)
    put article/news/collection cards in less or more columns (ordered top-down)

    make background color-1
    make background color-2
    make background color-background
    make transparent background
    make gradient transparent background color-1 & color-2
    make gradient background transparent  & color-1
    make gradient background transparent  & color-2
    make gradient background transparent  & color-background
    gradient color-1 cover on an image
    gradient color-2 cover on an image
    gradient from color-1 to color-2
    opague black cover on image
    opague white cover on image

    put text and elements in color-1
    put text and elements in color-2
    put text and elements in color-background
    put text and elements in color-white
    make text a Call-to-Action on images (put image and text in same row)
    Give jumbotron a colored background

    opacity-0 (-5)
    makes opacity in steps from 0 (transparent) till 5 (filled)
    show images in grayscale
    put shadow on cards
    make Rows / Columns a little fade on scroll


  • How can I get the webshop on my homepage?

    In your CMS, go to Settings and change the root from 'Page' into 'Shop'.
  • How can I connect to a regular Payment module like IDeal?

    Start an Mollie-Payment Account and copy your Account-Key in your CMS/webshop/Payment Methods / Mollie Payment.