Custom Design or Help with building

We provide a Custom Design for your domain by a professional webdesigner. By Phone and/or E-mail we will design your desired layout, together. Or, if you need help by building, we can assist you, so you can learn and build websites yourself in a while.

As soon as you upgrade your TRIAL-domain to an official hosted (sub)Domain, we can offer you this service.

Note: Our cooperation starts with your questions. Feel free to ask them. We do not charge you for asking questions. We let you know what the answer to your question will cost. Then you can decide.

Custom Website Design
€ 575,-
Custom Design Webshop Pro
€ 1785,-
Help with building  or configuring your domain
€ 60,- / hour
Text-writing per word
€ 0,30 / word
Photo correction/optimalisation/free-standing
€ 8,50 / image
- Your first consultation is for free!
- Design is always within the existing system-possibilities
- Custom module development only on consultation

incl. 21% VAT/BTW

    Thank you for using this service!