Upgrade TRIAL-domain within 30 days to stay online!

To keep your trial online after 30 days, use this form to upgrade to an Officialy Hosted (sub)Domain.

Forgot when your Trial-period started? Check the Dashboard in your CMS.

Within this upgrade we host, manage and secure your subdomain on a monthly paid base. The billing continues until the month that you cancel the services.

If you do not upgrade within 30 days, we assume you are not interested. Then your TRIAL-domain and all content/data will be deleted automaticly.

You can terminate this service every month.

Officialy Hosted (sub)Domain
€ 16,- / month
Webshop Pro
€ 34,- / month

incl. 21% VAT/BTW
connect own domain-name not included | + € 3,-

By upgrading my domain, I agree to pay the monthly € 16,- invoice for hosting my (sub)domain. The billing continues until the month that I cancel the services. You receive an invoice in the frequency you selected.

  • Paid services can be terminated every month
  • Your credentials and data are confedential. They will only used for services from The Best Webshop.
  • If we don't receive your monthly payment we, send you a REMINDER per e-mail. If we do not receive your payment within 7 days after the REMINDER, we get your domain offline and delete it. We don't keep be a backup of your data.

Thank you for using this service!