Connect own Domain-name & E-mail

Use this form to connect your (sub)Domain to your own Domainname. After this upgrade we host your domain and e-mail on a monthly paid base.

As soon as you upgrade your TRIAL-domain to an official hosted (sub)Domain, we can offer you this service.

You can terminate this service every month.

Domainname + E-mail Secure
€ 3,- / month
on top of your official hosted (sub)Domain (€ 16,-)
incl. 21% VAT/BTW
  • personal domainname
  • info@ email-address and aliases
  • spamfilter protected
  • private SSL-certificate

By default you get an info-email address (e.g. If you like to have also other mail-aliases, give us the comma-separated prefixes:

When our domain-availability-check is valid, we connect your domain with your existing (sub)Domain.

  • Activating this service takes a maximum of 3 working days.
  • I receive the login-credentials to setup my new e-mail via my user e-mail-address
  • The domain is protected by a personal SSL-certificate
  • E-mail-addresses are protected by a spam-filter
  • Paid services can be terminated every month
  • My montly invoice will raise with € 3,-
  • I own a monthly paid official hosted (sub)Domain

Thank you for using this service!